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Fletching an Arrow with Duct Tape

December 4, 2011

Yes, there is yet another reason to keep duct tape around. You can actually make some pretty descent arrow fletchings out of duct tape. I was reading a survival chat the other day and someone wrote in asking about if you could fletch arrows with duct tape. Several responders were quick to deride the questioner. Obviously these guys practice most of there wilderness survival skills with a keyboard because I have been fletching survival arrows with duct tape for years. It’s not pretty, but if it will put meat in the pot, who cares about pretty?

It’s so simple to do that the pictures alone would probably show you how to make these fletchings, but just in case I will include a brief how-to description. I’m using dark red tape in the demonstration below because it’s easier to see against the background; but, of course, you can use any color that you have available. As far as that goes, you can use about any kind of tape that you have available as long as it is wide enough.

First, cut two strips of duct tape about five inches long.

Second, lay one of the pieces of tape down with the sticky side facing up.

Third, press your arrow shaft down onto the tape.

Fourth, lay the other piece of duct tape down on top of the arrow shaft

Fifth, stick the point of the arrow into the ground and use your fingers to pinch the two pieces of duct tape together.

Sixth, trim the fletching to the desired shape.

That’s all there is to it. Here’s your finished arrow with a surprisingly durable fletching.

One Comment
  1. james permalink

    Ah, duct tape! There’s nothing it can’t do at least to some degree!

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