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Remington Model 770 in .308 Caliber – Review

March 20, 2012

I recently purchased a Remington 770 in .308 for my son’s graduation present.  He was home the other day, so we took it out to give it a try, and I thought I would post our impressions of this rifle.  Pictured below: The Remington 770

First off, if you are gun as work of art type person, this is not the rifle for you.  If you are a gun as tool type person, then read on.

The Remington 770 is a very plain utilitarian type of rifle.   It is bolt action with a synthetic stock and comes with a factory mounted 3 – 9 x 40 scope.  The 770 that we bought has a matte black barrel and stock and is chambered for .308 Winchester.  You can see at a glance that it is not a fancy rifle.  No burled walnut, skip checkering, ivory inlays, or etc.; but on the plus side it does not carry a fancy price tag.  You can pick one up for around $300.

Before you fire it you need to give this rifle a good cleaning.  The bolt in particular needs to be de-gunked, and it wouldn’t hurt to work it over with a little 0000 steel wool.  The bolt is not a tight fit in the receiver and the play causes it to feel a little rough sometimes when you are cycling the bolt.  Don’t misunderstand, the bold locks down tight and solid.  There’s no safety concern here.  It’s just a matter of not operating as smoothly as you might like.  Pictured below:  top, the 770 receiver; bottom, bolt drawn back

Pulling up a small lever on the top left of the receiver allows you to withdraw the bolt for easy bolt and barrel cleaning.  Pictured below: top, bolt release lever; bottom, bolt withdrawn

The 770 has a four round box magazine which is easy to remove and load.  I like this feature.  Pictured below: The detachable box magazine

The scope has been bore sighted at the factory so when we started off at 50 yards we were at least on the paper, only about three inches off center.  When you sight this rifle in get some sand bags and do it right.  At a dollar a round you don’t want to burn a lot of ammo getting sighted in.  Pictured below: Factory mounted scope

The rifle shoots fine.  Accuracy is well within our deer hunting needs.  We were a little worried about recoil since the synthetic stock makes this a very light firearm, but it was not bad at all.  Pictured below: top, Rifle sighted on target; bottom, rifle in recoil

This is not a gun that you would want to buy if you are going to shoot a thousand rounds a year on the range.  It just wasn’t intended for that kind of use.  But if you are going to run a box of shells through it every deer season, it will still be in good service when your grandchildren are ready to use it.

All in all we are happy with this rifle.  It will do the job that we need it for, and it didn’t cost an arm and leg, so what’s not to like.

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  1. Sgt. John permalink

    I need a 770 Remington 308 Owners Manual. Know where I can get one ?

    • Sgt. John, go to click on the tab that says News and Resources. You will get a dropdown menu. Click on downloads. Middle left of the page that comes up says “Owners Manuals” Click on that then select 770. It’s a pretty big pdf file, something like 12.6megs. It’s free by the way. Hank

  2. andrew permalink

    Can you use a 20 round magazine for the 770 .308 Remington?

    • Andrew,
      I remember stumbling on an advert somewhere on the internet for remington 20 round .308 magazines. It said fits “most” remington rifles. I didn’t pursue it because I wasn’t planning on buying a mag unless I knew it would fit for sure. I just did a google search and couldn’t come up with the add again. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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